Psychosoziale Faktoren bei Hauterkrankungen

Psychosoziale Faktoren bei Hauterkrankungen

How to explain the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health – World Health Organization 2001) model Bio Psycho Social with a cartoon.
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Siobhan Long März 1, 2018 um 23:09

Hi Fabrizio
I think it's inspired! Thank you. It's very helpful for us in explaining the social model to engineering and science students.

Siobhan, Dublin, Ireland


fabrizio mezzalana März 1, 2018 um 23:39

Dear Viewers,
I made and uploaded this video almost as a joke after wondering how could I find different and lighter ways to communicate on ICF and disability.
Please, leave some comments to let me understand how do you use it or why do you like/dislike it 


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