Neuro Linguistic Programming — NLP Techniques Explained by Richard Bandler In this video tutorial, Richard Bandler explains how he came up with the term Neuro Linguistic Programming and the principles NLP is based on that makes it one of the most popular self help methods. The concept behind NLP is to make people change their lives on their own and not rely on anyone else. Richard’s takes the view that its up to the individual to take control of their life.

NLP Works on the principle of duplicating what successful people do and learning, their techniques and strategies for success. NLP is seen as one of the best self help methods and this video tutorial, Richard who is the co founder of the method discusses how we can all change our lives if we really want too.

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Franca Gagliardi Januar 2, 2018 um 14:57

I love Richard , he is a genius , is my mentor , thank you for sharing


William Eamon Januar 2, 2018 um 15:42

This wasn't what you promised in the title. This sucks!


John Hofmann Januar 2, 2018 um 15:59

And this video has nothing to do with the title.


Matthew Dawood Khaghani Januar 2, 2018 um 16:23

It's a pyramid scheme ponzi load of horse shit. IGNORE


M B Januar 2, 2018 um 17:18

I'm sorry but that "b" logo is a ripoff of Birdhouse Skateboards' logo. Founded in '92


IrishBard Januar 2, 2018 um 17:21

That it?


Mohammed Fauzi Januar 2, 2018 um 17:56

the prophet of doom


Khalid Hamraoui Januar 2, 2018 um 18:47

thanks for sharing for sharing is caring !


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