Meditation For Positivity & Peace ♥ Guided Meditation – Klong Chao Waterfall

Meditation For Positivity & Peace ♥ Guided Meditation - Klong Chao Waterfall

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This guided meditation is to help you through times of stress and insecurities and aims to bring you more balance, more peace, and more positivity.

Its great for beginners but also to help reconnect to your practice. All you have to do is find a quiet space, possibly put on some headphones, and allow your mind to clear.

… Juliana & Mark*

shot at Klong Chao Waterfall in Koh Kood Thailand


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Illuminated LIfe Januar 6, 2018 um 19:07

Very zen, thanks for sharing.


Illuminated LIfe Januar 6, 2018 um 20:07

Very zen, thanks for sharing.


Sol Payne Januar 6, 2018 um 20:20

Thank you very much. it’s such a good meditation!! One feels a deep Peace and Joy after it.


ANAAMALY ZEN MUSIC Januar 6, 2018 um 21:15

First time hearing your guided meditations. Thank you for sharing this.


Zachary Taylor Januar 6, 2018 um 21:23

This meditation gave me loose stool …


Notes&Beats Januar 6, 2018 um 21:44

Thanks so much..incredibly soothing !


Jenny Nguyen Januar 6, 2018 um 22:18

i love this <3 so beautiful!


Maja Stasiewicz Januar 6, 2018 um 22:20

Hi ❤ You have many films about meditation and yoga so my question is: What is your religion? I know that is no my case, but this is very interesting. Greetings ❤ thank you for everything that you are doing ❤


Shelby Kerberg Januar 6, 2018 um 23:14

I am so so happy that you make videos. You're one of my favorite people on YouTube. So positive. I aspire to be this way. I really have been trying to work on myself as I am faced with a very self destructive nature. I feel like I am taking the appropriate steps to becoming healthy for myself and those around me. And this is a lot of help to people with a lot of brain chatter. Thank you thank you thank you


Dyah Viona Januar 7, 2018 um 00:50

Is normal that I cried a lot with this guided meditation? I mean, I'm not that new to meditation, usually it makes me so calm and relax and I don't usually cry in my life but as Juliana spoke the intro I cried so hard and as I came into the meditation I could feel the tears running down on my cheeks. I'm so confused.


Akon Louis Januar 7, 2018 um 01:20

Is there an extended version of the background music ? I would really like to know the name of it


beautybywadzi Januar 7, 2018 um 01:41

Please do more mediation videos xx


Katie Jo Januar 7, 2018 um 01:44

Beautiful setting. Thank you soo much for this beautiful meditation. It really heloed me through such a hard time and i wilo try to do it everyday. It is so beautiful. Thank you for making these wonderful meditations Beautiful xx


Hanna Pramholt Januar 7, 2018 um 02:30

I listen to this video every morning when I meditate, it’s very helpful


Andreja Kovacic Januar 7, 2018 um 02:52

I love all your videos and I hope you'll make more meditation videos <3 thank you for everything you're doing.


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