biopsychosocial model

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christian cordova Februar 9, 2018 um 02:42

Omg thanks this video help me a lot with my AP psychology homework


LoopyHatesYouToob Februar 9, 2018 um 03:36

This was SO helpful!!!!


Dizzy the blind cat Februar 9, 2018 um 03:40

For a simple overview this is great, and very good start.
Thank you Kay


Nicholas William O'Brien Februar 9, 2018 um 04:00

thank you. Well done


Benjamin Greenberg Februar 9, 2018 um 04:14

I do not agree with the oversimplification of dealing with trauma by simply suggesting 'meds'.


kathy Mc partland Februar 9, 2018 um 05:02

really easy to listen to, and understand !!thanks so much!!


Shelley Nicholson Februar 9, 2018 um 05:38

I love this! I can doodle my way through grad school! Thank you!


Joanne Castila Februar 9, 2018 um 05:46

thank you! it was very helpful ^^


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